Trusted to move the biggest things Since 1945

Industrial Equipment Moving

Having to assemble multiple pieces of a shiploader or trying to weld each piece of a large steel supporting structure on site is just a massive headache adding time and money to any project. Being able to to complete most of the assembly work in a controlled environment like a warehouse just makes any job safer, quicker and cheaper. Being able to haul or transport large assembled pieces helps to not only save time and money but it just makes sense.

That’s were we come in. Our speciality at Supreme Structural Transport is transporting, hauling, jacking or lifting really, really big things. Since 1945 we’ve moved some of the biggest pieces of equipment effectively and safely. Our safety record is unmatched in the industry and with our in-house engineering department you can rest assured our big equipment will get to were it needs to without a scratch.

We’ve transported, slide and jacked into place everything big from shiploaders, BC Place structural Steel, Overpasses, huge wind turbines, bridges, ferries and of course massive electrical transformers. With our large inventory of equipment we’re able to unload and load just about anything on and off rail, cargo ships, trucks and trailers and even barges.

Why choose Supreme for your heavy lift and transport? Simple, we have the best safety record in the industry, our own in-house engineering department, every piece of equipment you could need and over 40 years of experience.

Just Some of our Structural Transport Services

  • Structural
    Engineering Services
  • Engineered
    Heavy Lift
  • Synchronized & Unified
    Hydraulic Jacking
  • Industrial
  • Project Cargo
  • Oil & Gas
    Vessel Transport
  • Transformer
    Moving & Installation