Since 1945, people across canada

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Flawless Saefty Record

Flawless Safety

Flawless Saefty Record


Flawless Saefty Record


Supreme Structural Transport is one of Vancouver’s structural moving pioneers, helping forge the local standard of the moving industry. As a specialized Engineered Heavy-Lift company, our experience lies in the rigging and transport of Superloads which are outside of the capabilities of typical carriers. For our electrical transformer clients, we provide Jack-and-Slide procedures for transloading units from rail cars or for pad placement, and our dedicated dual-lane perimeter frame trailer boasts one of the lowest carry heights available in the industry.

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Just Some of our Structural Transport Services

Since 1945, Supreme Structural Transport Ltd. has been moving homes and cottages from point A to point B. With safety at our core, we can move a home or cottage from across a lake or from town to town safely and effectively. With over 75 years of experience moving homes you can rest assured that choosing Supreme Structural Transport will be the easiest choice you make. We take all the little steps that others don’t even think about to make sure your home is secure, the structure is solid and new foundation and grounds are easily accessible mitigating any problems upon delivery.

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