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Heritage Home Relocation

Heritage building relocating has to be the ultimate form of recycling available. Renovating a heritage home is one thing, but picking it up and moving it to a new location to repurpose it, that’s something else.

Supreme House Movers is your go to team for moving heritage homes and buildings. Our experienced crew has moved some of the oldest buildings around and have been since 1945. We know what extra care these house moves require and treat each move as if it was our own home we were moving across town.

With our flawless safety record and in-house engineering department, we can take care of everything from permits, route surveying & planning, barge transport, logistics and everything in between. We will assist in evaluating the feasibility of the buildings potential for a move.

For over 40 years we’ve accumulated some very specific equipment which we’ve used to move not just heritage homes or buildings, but to lift or jack them up or to bring them down off the transport. With our experience and equipment, there’s nothing big or small we can’t move, and move with care.

Why Relocate a Heritage Home?

Heritage homes tend to have a lot of sentimental value to the owners and most owners can’t bare to see a home they love torn down. In other cases, a heritage home or building has historical significance to either a educational organization such as a university or government body and to keep that history or to help educate younger generations it makes sense to move it to a new location.

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Moving a house, whether it be a cottage or a heritage home, is what we do best.