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House Moving & Relocating


House Moving & Relocating

There are many reasons why you might want to move your house, heritage home or cottage. No matter the reason, Supreme Structural Transport is the only choice for your house moving needs. We’ve been moving houses since 1945 and we know how to move your home or cottage the right way ensuring the structural integrity of your home and the safety of everyone involved.

House Moving In British ColumbiaOur experienced crew knows how to lift the home and put in onto our specialized moving rigs and trailers properly ensuring that all by-laws and regulations are met throughout the move. We consult with engineers regularly during the moving process to make sure everything is structurally sound ensuring there are no surprises when we arrive at the new location for your house.

We have built our business our house moving business on credibility, professionalism and safety and we take every measure to ensure that your house move goes smoothly and according to pre-planned schedule.

Why Move Your House?

We know every reason to move your house is just a unique as the house you want move. Whatever the reason, we are ready to help you move your home, cottage or heritage home to your new plot.

Moving A Heritage Home

When it comes to heritage home moving, there are many reasons why our customers would want to move a historical home. Heritage homes are typically beautifully crafted homes and always come full of history that cannot be replaced. However with rapid expansion of urban and rural areas, space is quickly becoming highly demanded not leaving a lot of room for typically larger heritage homes.

Maple Ridge House RelocatingWith a lot that a historical house is on has been re-zoned for more dense housing, there are two choices available; demolition or to move the house to another lot. Given the value in heritage homes, whether it is a personal value or the local municipality has deemed the house a heritage home, moving the house to a new location is usually the chosen and best option.

Moving A Cottage

Another reason our customers might have to move a home might be that they have a family cottage that they absolutely adore, but the location it currently sits might not be suitable any longer due to construction in the area or the location has become to populated. Or they have found a nicer location on a lake or on the ocean that better suits their needs.

Moving A Home On The Same Lot

Sometimes our customers just want to move their home further back on their property. Moving your home on the same property can allowing for the construction of new buildings, a larger driveway or allow their lot to be subdivided. It can also give the homeowners a newer, nicer view than what they had. Or if they feel that the new neighbouring house has been built to close to theirs, they can decide to move it to give them the privacy they had before.

Re-zoning House Move

When a municipality re-zones a plot of land that was previously zoned for residential to either multi-family or commercial use, some homeowners might want to sell the property or develop it and move their current house to a new plot of land. Also, a developer might purchase recently re-zoned land with the purpose of developing it and the current homeowner might be given the option to either demolish the current house or have it moved to a new location.

Moving Construction Trailers / On-Site Offices

P7030013When a contractor needs to work on a project located remotely, sometimes the best option it to either build a small portable office on the job-site or move an already pre-built office or trailer to the job-site. This ensures the smooth operation of the project allowing workers and contractors to have a safe place to work from and in some cases sleep in depending how remote the job-site is. When the project is finished, the construction company as the option to dismantle the portable office or move it to another location.

Whatever the reason you have to move your house, Supreme Structural Transport is the best choice. Contact us and find out how we can help you move your house, cottage or heritage home.

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