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House Lifting & Raising

Looking to lift your house? Do you want to raise your home to increase your floor space? Or maybe you need a new house foundation and need to lift first to replace your foundation wall? Is flooding an issue to the point where you need to protect your home against flood risks?

Home Lifting Service Company VancouverWhatever the reason, Supreme Structural Transport can help lift your home safely and with extreme precision. Since 1945 Supreme Structural transport has been raising houses in British Columbia and we have built our business on credibility and professionalism.

Our customers have always enjoyed piece of mind when contracting their house lifting needs to us. We have years of experience in raising homes and continually strive to keep our exceptional safety record intact.

House Lifting British ColumbiaWe know how different each lift is and that’s why we are always prepared to meet any challenge that comes our way during your house raising. Our crews have access to our vast inventory of lifting equipment consisting of hydraulic jacks, cribbing, screw jacks dollies, skates, dollies, power units, hydraulic rams, steel support beams and a variety of custom Heavy-Lift Equipment pieces we’ve engineered over the years.

Why Would You Lift Your Home?

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to lift their home. Some people lift their home to add living space without sacrificing yard space. Flood protection is another reason raising your house is a smart choice. Even if you’re thinking of moving because of a growing family, adding a basement to your home can be more cost effective than buying a new home.

Lifting A House To Add A Basement Can Preserve Your Yard Space

Looking to add living space to your home but don’t want to sacrifice your yard? At Supreme Structural Transport we’ve been helping home owners lift their home so they can add precious square footage to their living areas without sacrificing their yard space since 1945

Building Movers Experienced In VancouverDo you have a crawl space or are looking to increase the height of your current basement ceiling? House lifting can be the perfect solution. In Vancouver British Columbia, lot sizes and home height restrictions can really limit your options for extending your home or adding an additional floor. Lifting your house can allow you to add a basement or increase the height of a crawl space allowing you to add the additional living space you need while staying within municipal guidelines.

Does your Basement flood? Do you need protection against flooding?

On the West Coast of British Columbia, a lot of residents live near bodies of fresh water or wetlands or reside on Oceanside properties. Lifting your house can be an effective way to help protect against potential flooding and future property damage.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, raising your home to add in a new foundation or crawl space can mitigate the effects of property damage caused by flooding.

Thinking Of Moving? Think About Lifting Your Home First

House Raising Vancouver BCIf you love the neighbourhood you’re in but need to increase your living space because of a growing family, adding a basement or another floor to your home can be a better, and sometimes less expensive option than moving into a new home.

When you add the realtor costs, moving costs, increase in cost of buying a bigger home, legal fees and lawyer fees, adding more square footage to your existing home by house lifting your home can be a more economical option.

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