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About Us

Located in Maple Ridge, BC, Supreme Structural Transport Ltd. has been operating since 1945. We were first known as Harry Toomey and Sons (1945) until Harry retired in 1975. As one of Vancouver’s structural moving pioneers, Harry helped forge the local standards of the moving industry.

In the last 35 years we’ve expanded from the house moving and raising industry to include many unique relocation projects. In addition to some very delicate heritage buildings, we have moved yachts, submarines, tanks, transformers, vessels, bridges, ferry modules, industrial equipment and large commercial buildings. Many of these projects involve the design and fabrication of specialized moving equipment. Our expertise has been required as far north as Roberts Bay, Nunavut, and as far south as Colon, Panama.

In 1992, our company became a founding member of the British Columbia Structural Movers Association. By encouraging all movers in the province to meet and discuss common concerns, we have been able to improve the safety, efficiency, cost and availability of our services to all the British Columbians. On a larger scale, our membership in the
International Association of Structural Movers provides us with access to the latest developments in the industry around the world.

In these competitive times we strive not only to provide quality professional service, but to utilize our skills and technology to offer the most efficient methods on the market to British Columbia, Canada and North America.

If you’ve got a structural transportation challenge and you’d like to work with an established, experienced company, contact us today.

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We've been raising homes and cottages for our customers since 1945.