Trusted to move the biggest things Since 1945

Our Transportation Services

Whether you need to move massive steel support beams or a historic home from one side of British Columbia to the other, Supreme Structural transport Ltd. is the right choice for your project. With our over 70 years of extreme hauling and equipment relocating experience, we know what can work and what can’t.

House Moving

Looking to move a historic house or family cottage? In 1945 we started moving houses and haven’t stopped since. Our experienced crew of extreme movers has been moving and raising houses all over British Columbia and beyond.

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House Lift & Raising

Are you in a flood area? Need to add more space to your home? We’ve been raising houses since the beginning and have the experience to do it right and safely ensuring you homes structural integrity is kept in intact.

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Industrial Equipment

From shiploaders to tunnel boring machines, wind turbines to steel roof structures, we’ve probably moved it. Our crews are experienced in moving all things huge that most other companies won’t even touch. Find out more about some of the massive industrial equipment and pieces we’ve moved in the past.

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Industrial Transformer Relocation

Supreme Structural Transport jacks and slides transformers to and from rail cars and road transports to their foundations. We have years of experience relocating transformers under our belt making us one the go-to service providers in the industry.

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Marine Equipment

Trying to move large pieces of equipment over water is never an easy task. Our experienced crew has been moving massive pieces over water and land since 1945. At Supreme Structural Transport, we know what it takes to move large equipment over water.

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Barge Facility

We’ve been doing this for a long time and having the right tools and equipment handy when moving large equipment over water readily accessible is pivotal during any relocation. We have built our own barge facility complete with welding, a hydraulic lift, forklift and complete roll-on/roll-off equipment ready and waiting to assist.

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Just Some of our Structural Transport Services

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    Heavy Lift
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    Hydraulic Jacking
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