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Mission House Lifting & Raising, Heavy Hauling

Since 1945, Supreme Structural Transport has been offering our services in Mission British Columbia. We bring with us to every job we do over 65 years of experience of safely moving and relocating houses and cottages, lifting homes, and hauling heavy loads from point A to point B. We have an impeccable safety record that other companies only wish they could match. Our full range of services are competitively priced and our experienced teams will ensure that the job we do is done right, the first time.

Mission House Lifting & Raising

Looking to raise or lift your house in the Mission area? We’ve been lifting houses since 1945 and have forge a lot of the local standards of the moving industry.

Whether you need to lift a cottage in Mission to add a crawl space to help prevent flooding or need to raise your house to build a basement adding additional living space, we have the experience and the equipment to do it right. Our safety track record ensures we’ll lift your structure properly the first time.

House Moving & Relocating In Mission

Have a heritage home you want to relocate to a new neighbourhood in Mission? Or maybe just down the street? Or maybe you want to move your cottage to a nice spot on a nearby lake?

With our team of house movers, we know all the in’s and out’s of moving your home or cottage in Mission. We can tell you which permits are needed, what areas you can move your heritage home to and what route we’ll need to take.

Don’t risk moving your Mission home, heritage house or cottage by hiring the wrong mobbing company or an inexperienced crew. When mistakes happen when moving your home, the mistakes can be catastrophic. Ensure the safe move of your home and call us to do it right.

Heavy Hauling Company Mission

Need to move large industrial equipment in or around Mission? Look no further. We have years of experience hauling industrial loads all across the Lower Mainland and beyond. We have the right equipment to haul your heavy loads no matter what you might need moved.

Supreme Structural Transport has been hauling heavy loads for many years and we have an impeccable safety record. We know which permits are needed in Mission, which routes are the best to take and plan and execute every step of the heavy equipment transport.

Our equipment includes lowboys and highboys, tandem power units, picker trucks, cranes, escort vehicles, double drop trombone, winch trucks and anything else we could need to move your industrial load.

To find out more about our Mission heavy haul services or how we can make your relocation, move or lift your home in Mission, give us a call today.

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